President Trump’s first few months a revealing look

Soon after the dust from the election has settled, the dust from the inauguration is just beginning get kicked up. Donald J. Trump, real estate mogul, and television personality, will be sworn into the office of the presidency. People continue to protest his win, but doing that is almost akin to treason, why? History tells us that presidential elections weren’t always popular.
During the election of 1860, Americans, much like ourselves, waited for the finalization of the election, and when it was apparent that Abraham Lincoln won, the state of South Carolina was so upset that it seceded the union, much like California is attempting to do now, in their “Calexit referendum.” Secession hasn’t worked properly in the past, and the U.S. has worked for 140 years strengthening the inability to do so.
The inauguration of Donald Trump will not make the nation tear at the seams as people tend to convey, and hoping for Trump to fail is like hoping for the captain of a ship were all on to sink, and to secede is to abandon ship without a lifeboat. Unlike 1860, our best option is simply to wait it out. The people have the right to vote in 4 years, a short period of time compared to the hundreds of years our nation has lasted under good and bad presidents alike.

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