Opinion: Valedictorian cancellation makes historic repercussions

Tori Akles applauds graduations speaker and Valedictorian Nic Lopes.


For many students this is more than just a title, it’s their future. Schools around the world have been using this label to show other students the accomplishments, that their fellow classmates have made. It shares a reminder to younger generations in school, younger siblings, and maybe even other schools how hard it is to be the best. Valedictorian by definition, “ is a student, typically having the highest highest academic achievements of the class.” While many schools have their own form of GPA scale, weighted classes, and standards.

     Many students believe that being a valedictorian will help when getting into an ivy league college. However recent studies have shown that if students have taken a significant amount of AP classes; and have taken at least three AP tests, they are 20.9 percent  more likely to get into the ivy league college of your dreams. Some people agree that there should be the change in the system here at Brown County High School and the valedictorian name should be taken away. However other students disagree very strongly and feel that if we take away the valedictorian part of graduation, that many hard working students will not  receive chances at scholarships 

     While some students agree that the valedictorian placement should be taken out of the graduation, and agree with the proposal of showing recognition through Magna Cum Laude (with great distinction), Summa Cum Laude (with the highest distinction), and Cum Laude (with distinction)  instead of using the valedictorian spot. Others believe that the valedictorian should not be taken away and it would be a disfavor to students that are graduating when the idea comes into effect. I believe that we should keep the valedictorian title because it allows students more opportunities to succeed. 



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