A better solution than replacing the homecoming dance

The Winter Homecoming Dance is cancelled and chances are that it might be gone for a long time.

In the past few weeks many conflicts have surrounded the future of homecoming dances. Fall Homecoming is still going to happen but the dance for this winter’s homecoming is cancelled. Brown County Dance Marathon will take the place of a winter dance instead. This decision could potentially upset students and cost student council much needed funds for operating programs this year.

Homecoming dances are great money makers for both student council and the senior class. Last year alone student council made $1200 from the fall homecoming dance. To stop dances from happening cuts off cash flow to student council and senior class programs that improve the school environment.

Principal Shane Killinger said, “(student council and the senior class officers) will have to find some other revenue.” Although other ways of earning money, such as parking cars, have worked in the past, it does not compare to the money making potential of a dance. Also, if students attend the BCDM, they will be charged an upfront price of $10 instead of the usual $5 that student council charges at a homecoming dance. Though the price for BCDM has not increased  the higher admission fee is off-putting to begin with even though Riley Children’s Hospital benefits.

The main reason for the cancellation of the dance is not an unfair reason but the solution seems extreme when removing the offending persons could be a viable option. Mr. Killinger said, “The superintendent has gotten multiple complaints from students and parents about the activities at the dances, (about) how kids are dancing how it’s not appropriate and she is going to come and observe (the dance).” Administration’s position is understandable and any decision can make them the “bad guy”, but the conclusion they’ve come to does not seem beneficial to the school as a whole.

The quick response to throw out any program that has a few problems seems extreme. One way to save fall and winter Homecoming dances from being cancelled is to prevent inappropriate dancing. Administration needs to specify those types of behavior which will not be tolerated and then enforce violations of those rules. By doing so, those who behave well will not be punished for the actions of those who choose to be inappropriate. Administration does not need to be “the bad guy” to solve this problem, but they will need to be creative and proactive.






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