Corporation health clinic will improve access, lower costs.

Contractors from SR Mechanical complete duct work for heating and cooling at the new Wellness Center project. Photo by Ted Nolat

Interior framing has begun to convert the old farmhouse at Eagle park to a Wellness Center. Photo by Ted Nolat.

For many families the winter season is one accompanied with viruses, colds, and common flus. With work, school schedules, and extracurricular activities; sometimes it can be hard to get into the doctor or schedule an appointment. Not only that but the drive to the doctors can be long and grueling for a sick person. However, due to new funds and the help of the Brown County School District, they have developed a Wellness Center, located at the Eagle Park, where all district people can go to get help and get treated. They will have everything from cough drops, to flu shots to blood draws. This not only could help save families from the drive to doctors offices and hospitals, but also save them the money.

External timbers update the appearance and add stability to get the new Wellness Center up to code. Photos by Ted Nolat.

“It is running like a clinic, I tell a lot of people that if you have had an experience with going to a prompt care, or a minute clinic; where you do not have full access to medical equipment that you would have at a hospital,” Superintendent Dr. Laura Hammack said, “but still have the ability to feel like you are at a doctor’s office.” At the beginning of the prompt care being open, only people under the school’s health plan can use the center free of charge. It will also be open for two days, however, later on the clinic will be available to all people in the township, visitors, and sports teams for a small fee; which is still being determined. It will then be open for five days a week.

“We want to make sure that we do not profit from the clinic being open, but rather get the minimum funds necessary to walk the line with charging and keeping the clinic open and renovated,” Superintendent Dr. Laura Hammack said . The clinic will have all necessary equipment to diagnosis sports related injuries among other injuries, treat overdoses, provide prescriptions for medicine, etc. ¨

We don’t want this to be a place where you go when you have an earache or aren’t feeling well, but actually is adding value to the community and working with people that struggle with substance abuse among other things, ¨ Dr. Hammack said.

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