Administration responds to alcohol, bad decisions with new gym rules, restrictions

New rules will govern entry and exit from the building and control of food and beverages coming into Larry C. Banks Gymnasium

As the new basketball season begins, the fan section will begin to fill with students cheering for BCHS athletes, but this year brings some policy changes to the attendees.  Adults and students will no longer be allowed to bring food and drinks to games, and students can no longer leave and come back into the gym once they’ve paid for their ticket.

Mark Bruner Athletic Director

These rule changes were made after “several adults brought alcohol to a recent girl’s basketball game in unmarked drink containers”, according to a statement released by Athletic Director Mark Bruner that went out to the community recently.  The document also stated that, “Unfortunately, we have had situations where students have come to an event and have left during the event, and have returned to the event after making poor choices when they were not on school property.”

According to BCHS Principal Mr. Shane Killinger, the changes are necessary to help protect students and to keep the games safe for everyone.  “We’ve had reports before, and we have been going to different schools…and almost every school that we have gone to already has this rule in place. ”  The school board and the BCHS staff had debated whether to implement this rule but “When we had that last report we went to the superintendent and said ‘we’ve been thinking about doing this for a year, and we’ve gone through all the different schools who are doing it, and we’ve also had this last report’, and her response was ‘that sounds like a no brainier.'” The school board also “supports it totally,” Mr. Killinger said.

Mr. Killinger also explained how the staff will monitor who arrives and leaves.  “If we have a student who leaves then the person who’s there monitoring knows who’s leaving…because now what we’ve done is our ticket person stays until the end of the game, where they used to stay into halftime.”  The administration has also announced intentions to post signs warning patrons of these new policies and rules.

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