Net Neutrality’s demise could signal ISP cash grab

The Internet as we know it could be ruined forever. Right now The Internet is a free space to explore, browse, start websites, and go anywhere you want to find information. But all this could be taken away on December 14.

On December 14, The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) will be voting on taking away Title II Net Neutrality laws. Right now Net Neutrality protects people from ISP’s (Internet service providers) from charging extra for “fast lanes”, throttling your internet, blocking websites, and a lot more. Net Neutrality simply provides an open and fair Internet to everyone.

Without Net Neutrality, the Internet could be turned into a cash grab by ISP’s. Without laws  protecting you, they can charge

Related imageyou extra for using a site, block websites, charge extra for “fast lanes”, higher prices, and slow down your internet to basically nothing. For example, Brown County School’s Tech Department blocks a ton of websites that could cause distractions in class such as Netflix, Hulu, or a website with games. Now imagine that the Tech Department is your ISP and is blocking all these websites from your home, on your internet, that you pay for. This is what could happen if Net Neutrality is taken away.

Now, David Phelps, head of the technology department, said “you could see these [ISP’s] turnaround and say if you want to use Netflix at a higher speed, we’ll charge you more money. The counter argument could be that it is terrible business practice and if one company does that then [consumers] would flock to one that’s not doing that.” Phelps also said, “The FCC should not make laws, it needs to come from the Senate, the House, Congress is the one that should be passing laws”

All this could become reality if on December 14. the FCC votes to take away Net Neutrality, but there still is time to do something about it. Go to:

to sign a petition and/or call your states representatives and tell them to not attack Net Neutrality laws.



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