5G mobile service will appear soon, doing more than you’d think

          For roughly seven years, 4G/LTE signals have been used for modern smartphones to provide the fastest data service available. As of 2018, 5G service has been announced to the public and is almost ready to launch. However, 5G will do much more than people think.

         5G service will be undoubtedly faster than 4G/LTE. This comes with being a step up for cellular data connection. What most people don’t understand is the scale at which 5G will be better. 5G connection will allow for complete virtual reality streaming. This means both the sender and receiver of VR content can stream wirelessly to one another. Another huge feature of 5G connectivity is the ability to support self driving cars. While it’s unknown which stages of autonomous driving 5G will support, it shows the power of the 5G platform.

          Now most people are wondering when 5G will be available to the public. 5G is determined to be featured later this year in the form of a connection “puck”. Yet, there are no phones determined to support 5G releasing this year. The earliest the public will be able to obtain access to 5G phones, tablets, etc. will be quarter one of 2019.

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