New Snapchat update causes a fuss with users

Sophomore Riley Arnholdt checks his notifications at lunch. Photo by Jaden Minor.

         In today’s world, social media in various forms has taken first world humanity by storm. From posting pictures to receiving relish from reactions of their peers, people enjoy the gratification that comes from being someone online. One such platform providing the instant satisfaction people (particularly adolescents) crave is the renowned Snapchat. However, the Snapchat developer team released a title update that has Snapchat users disgruntled at the direction the app has taken.

          People who may not be as well versed in the app may not have noticed Snapchat changing in many ways, but for avid users, the changes are unbearable. The most notable of changes is rerouting certain functions on the app from one place to another. The biggest issue with the prior statement is moving the access of  “Stories” (24-hour public feeds for users to post photos and videos) from an exclusive section of the app to tie into each user’s direct message (DM) tab on a separate page of the app. This means Stories are routed from people’s chat icons on their other users DM’s page, rather than being easily accessible from it’s own page. In addition to this change, the Snapchat developer team moved the entirety of the news section to take the place of the old “Stories” page.

          While this shift of functions on the app seems more efficient in theory, it’s proven a pain. This is mainly due to users being accustomed to the old layout, naturally. An avid Snapchat user here at BCHS stated “The new [Snapchat] update has its pros and cons… When you go to check your personal Snaps the stories get in the way and can pop up when you’re trying to click on a message.” The update causes clutter among both the private and public functions of the app, which is what leads to most of the user issues.

          Snapchat developers are surely aware of the community’s distaste for the update and will most likely work to “right their wrongs”. If you’re a Snapchat user, look forward to hearing from the developer team soon.

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