SpaceX officially launches demo satellites for large scheme internet project

          Elon Musk has been busy in the past couple of years with various projects. The most notable of the many are his underground tunnels through Los Angeles and launching a Tesla Roadster into space. However, a plan has been in the works for a couple years now through SpaceX to launch a large surplus of satellites around Earth over the next few years.

          Musk, just this Thursday, launched two of the 11,925 satellites alongside Spain’s new satellite, “Paz”. The two satellites and Paz were launched using a Falcon 9 rocket, at around 9:17 am on February 22. Of the 11,925 satellites, 4,425 of them are equipped with interlinked broadband connection technology. In layman’s terms, these satellites will be equipped with technology to improve global internet connectivity through broadband connections (not 3G, 4G, Dial-up, etc.) like in-home routers via satellite connection. SpaceX could potentially provide the capabilities to service internet in areas that weren’t before possible.

          The first two satellites launched have another purpose besides interlinked broadband connection. Musk himself released a statement via Twitter just hours after the launch saying  “First two Starlink demo satellites, called Tintin A & B, deployed and communicating with Earth stations.” This shows both the demo satellites are already in working order for improvements to the broadband satellite connection and establishing Starlink.

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