Other large corporations slowly integrating into Apple technologies

          If there’s one thing any tech or business aficionado is aware of, that is Apple’s marginal success through their entire self-sustained platform. Considering how much profit is made through their products, it was only a matter of time before other large corporations made an attempt at applying their technology more extensively to benefit their own company. Both Google and Microsoft are pushing to add some of their own tech to Apple products, in order to gain more traction to their services.

          If a consumer currently owns an Apple mobile device, Google has already launched their new feature that is accessible through the default “Google” app in the iOS store. Google’s new feature is the addition of the Google app to the iMessage drawer, which allows for a multitude of different actions through Google straight to an iPhone users’ messages. From sharing locations for businesses and restaurants to quick pasting links, images, and other media accessible by Google, the apps new implementation allows for the efficient and smart use of the app. Also for iOS 11 users, there is an added feature to manually drag and drop files from one Google-based location directly to iMessage. Considering most people defaulted to Apple’s browser “Safari” before, Google just might take a large slice of that metaphorical pie with this new integration.

          Another service currently in the works by Microsoft is a marginally different spectrum from Google’s current addition to Apple services. Microsoft is developing “Cortana” support for Outlook users on Apple devices, meaning Cortana will be accessible to any individual using Microsoft emailing services on an Apple product. While this is a niche integration which generally won’t provide a benefit to anyone other than Microsoft influencers on Apple products, it is still a large step forward to cross-platform compatibility between Microsoft and Apple. Microsoft is still closed-testing the Cortana integration but should feature it in the coming months.

          Considering how many tech consumers use Apple services, it’s a smart idea for these other flagship companies to try to jump on the benefits of the platform. The only question left is how much further other companies can root themselves in Apple’s self-produced services.

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