INDOT repairs impede traffic, makes students late

On State Road 46, a decision to repave the roads during weekdays has made an impact on the early-morning schedules of Brown County High School students.

With a $1,153,832 road construction project underway, workers, adorned in lime-green vests, holding two-sided traffic signs (slow/stop), have been dictating the flow of traffic. This has led to frequent congestion causing late arrivals for some BCHS students typically coming from the area around and within Van Buren Township.

“The construction on 46 has impacted my morning commute by making me plan to leave earlier to get to school at the same time,” Senior Jake Riehl said ,  Jake, one of the many seniors who partake in half-days, also experiences delays due to traffic after he leaves school, while he is on his way to work with his dad. “I now lose time sitting in traffic trying to get to work with him.”

According to INDOT, Indiana Department of Transportation, the road work should be completed by September 15.

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