Fundraiser for skate park exceeds goal

Since December of 2016, skateboarding has been banned in the streets of Nashville. This gave the skateboarders nowhere to enjoy their hobby in the town. That’s when Colleen Smith, local Architect designer and mother of former Brown County High School student Isaiah Smith, decided to team up with the Brown County Enrichment for Teens Association Inc. (BETA) to start the Kids On Wheels project.

Kids On Wheels is a fundraiser to build a skate park and social area located at Deer Run Park. KOW started raising money on July 26 of this year. They are given 60 days to reach their goal of $50,000. Within these 60 days, they have exceeded their goal with their donations adding up to $50,624. This grant that was approved for BETA will double their money giving them an extra $1,248 in spending money to get desired features in the park like a hammock swing area, tire swing area, picnic table area, a ga-ga pit, and a landscaping area with a garden for local kids and parents to spend time together.



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