Mr. Stark’s return to BCHS more a new beginning than continuation

New Brown County High School Principal Matt Stark, far right, speaks with high school Athletic Director Mark Bruner, far left, and Assistant Principal Chuck Hutchins on July 17. Stark returned to serve as the principal of BCHS after spending five years as principal at Urbana High School. Photo courtesy BC Democrat

BCHS Principal Matthew Stark was originally a social studies teacher at BCHS in 1992 and taught a Media and Society class with Greg Mosley. In Spring of 2002, Mr. Randy Barrett, a good friend of Mr. Stark’s, was BCHS principal and Assistant Principal Mike Beam left at the end of February to teach at Indiana University. Mr. Barrett then asked if Mr. Stark if he wanted to try being the assistant principal. Mr. Stark said, “Sure.”  For the rest of that year he was an intern assistant principal, and by fall of the next year, he was the official assistant principal.

Then by December 2002, Mr. Barrett left to go take a superintendent job at Eastern Greene Schools. By fall of 2003, Mr. Stark became BCHS’s official principal- a position he would hold until 2013.

Mr. Stark’s wife was offered a job in Urbana, Illinois, as a meeting and events director at The National Council Teachers of English. Not wanting to separate his family, Mr. Stark decided to leave his position at BCHS and move to Illinois and become the Urbana High School principal.

Five years later, Mr. Stark and his wife divorced and she moved back to Bloomington Indiana.  Several years later Mr. Stark became engaged to his current fiancee Cindy Newland, then he moved back to Brown County, for the sake of his daughter to be closer to her mother.

Now back because of his family once again, and plans to marry Newland in October,  Mr. Stark says he cannot wait to get to know BCHS all over again along with its students and teachers.

“This school isn’t The Matthew Stark High School,” Mr. Stark said, “it is Brown County High School. It belongs to the students, families, and staff, so it is my job to try and figure out how to help us become the best we can be.”

He has already begun to change this school with his three rules to be successful:

  1. Show up mentally, and physically.
  2. When talking about someone is what you’re saying is true or kind.
  3. Get involved in some way, shape, or form.


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