Ariana Grande releases Sweetener, astonishes fans

Ariana Grande’s new album, Sweetener, sets many to fall in love with the uprising artist. Grande’s, Sweetener, made its’ debut to the public on August 17. The album includes her smash hits – God is a Woman and No Tears Left to Cry.

Ariana Grande fans were astonished by the new album, Sweetener. “Ariana Grande has found her true voice”, says Pitchfork. The 25-year-old singer sings about her new love, Pete Davidson, and also about herself finding happiness. “The best parts of Sweetener have her looking for hope and stumbling upon the glow of new love”, Pitchfork says.

Sweetener is Ariana’s first album since the 2017 bombing at her concert in Manchester, England. It could be a possibility that after the tragedy, she decided to make her newer album sound more raw than the rest of her work. Pitchfork better explains “Perhaps because tragedy has a way of revealing our true selves, the 25-year-old star finally allows herself to just take things as they come.” She doesn’t dwell on the bombing but rather expresses herself with low-key pure joy.


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