Coffee Cabaret set to impress

The annual Coffee Cabaret is here!

The BCHS auditorium will host live musical performances for the sixth annual creative fundraiser on Saturday, September 29th at 6 P.M. Both high school show choirs, Serenade and Rhapsody, will be performing together, as well as group and solo acts. “There’s a really wide variety,” said choir director Ms. Kristi Billings; explaining that students will also play instruments such as piano and guitar, as well as singing and dancing. Presale tickets are $8 for students and adults 55+ and $10 for adults. Prices at the door increase, with $10 for students and seniors and $12 for adults.

Performers have spent countless hours preparing for their performances. The show choirs have been practicing for about three months. They learned their performance choreography over the summer at Rising Star, a show choir camp at the high school. Since then, they have been practicing every day in class, as well as an additional five hours a week after school.

“We had a pretty good turnout last year,” Ms. Billings said. She said they raised around 3,000 dollars. “I’m hoping this year we have a bigger audience turnout.” They have been pre-selling tickets for a longer amount of time and they have been trying to gain more publicity. This is their primary fundraiser to raise money for their season, which involves costumes, music rights, and admission fees. “We have four shows that we learn,” said show choir performer Joey Drew. “Our Christmas show, our Spring show, and most importantly our competition show.” Drew described each show with unique songs, choreography, and themes.

“We are so excited to show the county the show we have worked so hard on!” Drew exclaims. The cabaret will also host a silent auction and a 50/50 raffle for persons 18 years old and older.

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