School Board elections feature three contested spots

Steve Miller

This election season three Brown County School Board Trustees are up for re-election. School Board members Carol Bowden (District One), Judy Hardwick (District Two), and Steve Miller (District Three).

Each of the incumbent board members are contested in this coming election, taking place on Tuesday, November 6.

School Board Trustee Carol Bowden for District One, has been a School Trustee since 2007, after being appointed to replace a resigning member. Bowden is a physical therapist, had a daughter attend and Miller graduate from Brown County, and is also involved with several local organizations, including the county Area Plan Commission.

Carol Bowden

Also on the ticket for District One is Tabitha Hilligoss. Hilligoss graduated from BCHS in 2004, and has a child attending Sprunica Elementary. When asked if she has attended recent school board meetings, Hilligoss stated she hasn’t, and has not met with Superintendent Laura Hammack. However, Hilligoss commented that board members should have a stake in the system, and see the inner workings of the schools.  

District Two Candidates include incumbent Judy Hardwick. Hardwick is the current School Board President, and has been a member since 2006. Hardwick in her professional life was a para-professional in the district.

Running against Hardwick is Vicki Harden. Harden is a grandmother and has several grandkids in the school system ranging from high school to elementary age. She is married to Dan Harden the Brown County Surveyor.

Judy Hardwick

Also up for re-election is Steve Miller Junior, from District 3. Miller was elected in 2014, and is employed by Toyota. Miller has a daughter attending the High School.

Running against Miller, is Linda Hobbs. Hobbs’s granddaughter attends the High School, giving her a standing in the system. Hobbs has sat on the school Board before, and is looking to rejoin the board.

Also running for District 3 is Tim Clark, Clark moved to the county within the last few years, and worked with the US Army.

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