Big Woods a major student employer

Big Woods Brewing Company, a quickly-growing, Indiana-based brewing company, pizzeria, distillery, and pub employs many BCHS students.                                                             

Established in 2009, Big Woods has come a long way from a run-of-the-mill brewpub. As it expands its roots all over Brown County, it has given many teenagers from Brown County High School a place to make a wage. By interviewing employees, one who is still employed at Big Woods Pizza, and one who is not, a perspective was able to be gathered on just what it was, and is like working for the Big Woods Brewing Company.

“The management at Big Woods is well managed,” Senior Evelyn Crimmins said, “especially with schedules because they are very flexible. I am treated like family at Big Woods.”

“I would consider my time at Big Woods very enjoyable because the people I worked with I found to be very nice.” Senior Tanner Oliver said, a past employee of Big Woods Pizza.

“I am awarded for the extra mile because we are tipped out and when you go the extra mile, it is shown through money.” Crimmins said.



Photo By Big Woods Pizzeria

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