Eagle Manufacturing takes flight

Eagle Manufacturing Company of Brown County High School is officially open.

This is only 1 out of 5 student manufacturing companies in Indiana. Eagle Manufacturing is a student-run business including four different departments: administration, graphics, CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machinery, and engineering. The administration consists of Ashley Masteller as Marketing Manager, Riley Arnholt as Office Manager, and Tanner Bowman as Production Manager. The graphics department makes t-shirts, banners, stickers, spirit items, and laser engraved and cut trophies.

The CNC machine department works with raw metals, cutting them into different shapes for different projects. The engineering department does all the design work. There is a sign hanging up in the classroom of Mr. Chris Townsend indicating his expectations of the students in Eagle Manufacturing. It reads, I. Positive Attitude, II. Reliability and Punctuality, III. Work Ethic, IV. Respect, V. Exceeding Expectations, VI. Flexibility, VII. Problem Solving, VIII. Teamwork, IX. Constant Improvement, X. Personal Responsibility, XI. Focus, XII. Professional Etiquette. The soft skills that are taught in Eagle Manufacturing are problem solving and collaboration. These skills essentially are the immediate benefits of being involved in this program, even if students are not interested in pursuing manufacturing in their future.

One of the original manufacturing companies that also spearheaded the manufacturing movement was Cardinal Manufacturing. Mr. Townsend and some students were given the opportunity by a grant from Regional Opportunities Initiative in Bloomington to visit Cardinal. “They have helped us get started, they gave us a to-do and not-to-do list,” Townsend said. 20 students are currently making up the Eagle Manufacturing program. Eagle Manufacturing is opened to everyone-  school, community, and even outside the community. This program allows students to get real-world job experience in high school. It could potentially allow students involved in this program for 1-2 years, with a little more training, to be qualified to work in machine shops right out of high school. Eagle Manufacturing continues to bring community involvement into the school as this program is helping build the future workforce for Brown County.

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