Pressure rising for seniors applying for college

Seniors Gabby Bethards and Alexis Allen working on homework in advisory.

With college application deadlines looming, seniors in Brown County are starting to feel pressure when applying for college.

Indiana University, a popular college choice among students at Brown County High School, has an early deadline of November 1 and a regular deadline of February 1st. This has nerves rising for students applying. Financial aspects are a big concern for students, as well as just which colleges to apply for.

Senior Sam Bowman is applying for IU as well as five other colleges. Bowman is planning to attend college for computer science with a focus on security. “I’m probably most worried about essays when applying,” said Bowman. “As for when I am actually going, I will most likely have to worry about money to cover the costs of attending unless I can manage to get a full ride scholarship,” Bowman explains that whichever college can offer him the best financial aid package will greatly influence which college he chooses to attend.

Students going to college for musical arts, specifically the Jacobs School of Music, have to be concerned about an audition as well as a written application. To Senior Rachel Huddleston, balancing her schedule will be a problem. “I am worried about learning more advanced music and theory concepts,” said Huddleston. “I will be living in an apartment off campus, and trying to balance work and school will be a challenge.”

Senior Baelyn Koester has applied to six colleges, two being out of state. She doesn’t think applying to college is as stressful as people think it is, but she believes it can get overwhelming when the deadlines near.  “The hardest part for me now is deciding where to go and making sure it’s the right decision for me,” Said Koester. Koester explains that with the environment being bigger than the environment here at BC, she is worried about adapting to the changes. She also does not know what teaching styles to expect. “I think that is on the mind of the majority of

prospective college students,” Koester said when asked if there were any financial concerns. “Everyone has different situations but colleges are very helpful with informing students of all the scholarships and options.”

Future college attendees will face a brand new environment that can be harrowing, especially for students coming from Brown County’s small high school. Managing their time and their new found freedom will be a challenge, as well as adapting to new schedule changes, new teachers, and new curriculum.





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