Can’t do that in Nashville: Homey village has little to offer teens

Although there are many things we can do in Nashville, there are still many activities we can’t do in town as well. For example, we cannot go bowling or ice skate in town. We would have to travel  15 miles into Bloomington to go bowling and the same with ice skating. Not to mention that there is almost no diversity in the food in Nashville. We mostly only have the options of American, Italian, and Mexican food from Hob Nob Corner Restaurant to the Casa Del Sol restaurant, but then we also have the options of fast food which isn’t much. Other than McDonald’s and Subway there is no other choice for fast food.

Tanner Bowman, a junior at Brown County also stresses, “There are no youth based activities to do, like mini-golfing or any arcade style places in Brown County. If teenagers plan on going on any dates, really their only options are going out to eat and walking around the state park or walking Main Street in town.” The closest arcade is  12 miles away in Bloomington. Along with those can’t-dos, we also cannot shop at worldwide retail chain stores, such as Walmart or Forever 21. The closest Walmart is  15 miles away, and the closest Forever 21 is  30 miles away. We also cannot buy any type of technology in Brown County. The closest Best Buy is13 miles away in Bloomington.

In Nashville, we only have one choice for grocery shopping, IGA. There is no Whole Foods or Kroger . The closest Meijer is about 22 miles away in Indianapolis and the closest Kroger is 15 miles away in Bloomington. But we have more budget-related options, such as Dollar General and Family Dollar right in town.

Although Nashville might not have a lot worldwide retail centers, we have places with homemade ice cream, multiple craft shops, distilleries, and fudge shops.

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