Seniors petition to decorate graduation caps

For the past three graduating classes of BCHS, decorating graduation caps hasn’t been an option. Following some issues with the impropriety of a few students’ caps at the graduation ceremony of 2014, BCHS administration made the decision to eliminate this privilege altogether to avoid future conflict at graduation. This decision has gone over with relatively minimal backlash since 2014; however, with the recent change of administrative staff here at the high school such as Principal Matthew Stark, a growing number of 2019 graduates have been petitioning for the return of the privilege to decorate their graduation caps.

BCHS senior, Lilee Deloach, began advocating for other seniors at the beginning of the school year to see who all was interested in this rule change. Many seniors expressed their support for this change, which prompted Deloach to begin hosting after-school meetings for all interested seniors to sign a petition to be given to Principal Stark as well as establish some rudimentary guidelines to ensure all seniors keep their decorated caps appropriate, and ensuring this pending rule change can become common practice for future graduating classes as well.

Some of these agreed upon guidelines established at the last meeting include

Deloach has already opened up a dialogue with Mr. Stark about the issue, and their conversations so far have seemed very optimistic on administrations’ end. “As of right now, it’s looking like we may have a rule change,” Deloach said with an excited grin.

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