President George Herbert Walker Bush, 1924 –2018

Former U.S. president, George H. W. Bush, passed away on the last day of November.  George H. W. Bush was America’s 41st president. His presidency lasted from 1989 to 1993. The White House website says, “George Bush brought to the White House a dedication to traditional American values and a determination to direct them toward making the United States a kinder and gentler nation.” In his Inaugural Address he pledged in, “a moment rich with promise,” to use American strength as “a force for good.””

Bush’s funeral brought very main stream politics including Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and many more thousands.

His son, George W. Bush, eulogized his father describing him “valu[ing] character over pedigree,” and someone who “showed us how setbacks can strengthen,” and “made his children believe anything was possible,”…“One reason Dad knew how to die young was that he almost did it — twice,” Bush said, referring to his father having had a staph infection as a teenager and later being shot down as a Navy pilot. “For Dad’s part, I think those brushes with death made him cherish the gift of life,” Bush Jr. said. He elicited a few laughs from the crowd, particularly when he recalled his father’s longtime friend, James A. Baker III, sneaking him Grey Goose vodka and steak when Bush was in the hospital in his later years.

“His father also enjoyed a good joke and had an email list where he and others would share their favorites — including some off-color jokes,” Bush said. “To us he was close to perfect, but not totally perfect… The man couldn’t stomach vegetables, especially broccoli,” Bush said, in a reference to the food famously loathed by his father. “And, by the way, he passed these genetic defects on to us.”” [The Washington Post]

Thousands were upset about his passing, but his legacy lives on.


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