Two students discuss foreign affairs, 2020 election at Lugar Symposium

Juniors Tanner Bowman and Chloe Lee attended this years Lugar Symposium at the University of Indianapolis. Photo by Mark Bowman

      This Saturday two Brown County High school students, Tanner Bowman and Chloe Lee, were nominated by Principal Matthew Stark to attend the Richard Lugar Symposium for Tomorrow’s Leaders.

More than 400 high school juniors from 70 different Indiana counties within Indiana attended. During the Symposium, former United States Senator Richard Lugar spoke about the United States’ standing on current political issues such as the trade and tariff wars with China,  NATO, and NAFTA, as well as the foreign policy and trade agreements with Canada and Mexico. Afterward, the students participated in two political based workshops. The first one surrounded current US Foreign policies and its history, while the second one analyzed 2018’s current political situation and predictions for 2020’s presidential election.

Tanner Bowman commented on the experience, “I highly recommend any sophomores interested in politics and foreign affairs to talk to Mr. Stark about attending next year’s symposium. It was an enlightening experience and helped me think about the United States’ role in foreign affairs in a whole new way. “

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