Show choirs gearing up for competition

After Winter break, most students come back to take on their last semester, but show choir students are kicking it into high gear to start competition season. Serenade and Rhapsody are the two show choirs that represent Brown County High School. The theme for Serenade, the high school’s Woman’s show choir, is “Wanderlust” this year. Wanderlust is “a strong desire to travel.” Director Kristi Billings said the reason she chose the theme was because other women’s groups focus on being “girls,” and she wanted to steer away from that. “I always strive to find themes for women’s shows that are empowering, where the focus isn’t just being feminine.” Billings continued to say, “this theme is extremely relevant to young women because they are finding their place in the world and seek[ing] their own path.”  The theme for Rhapsody, the high schools’s mixed show choir, is “Words Matter” this year. Their show is centered on the word choices we make. “I think it’s more of a relevant and important message now, because of how we communicate through technology,” Billings said, “We lost a lot of our filter because we don’t think before what we say, we just say it.”

Billings flew out Clinician Zach Moore from Boston, Massachusetts to help get the groups ready for competition season. Zach Moore is a choreographer  who primarily works with Shepard Hill High School, but also works in total with around 15 different schools.  Billings thought it was very beneficial to have Zach clinic both groups. “There is always something valuable in having a fresh look, to provide feedback and reinforce what students are learning, but in a different way,” Billings said. Moore said, “What I hope to bring to Serenade is flare, or synergy to the show. I want to help connect them to the theme even more because it is a solid theme.” He continued to say, “for Rhapsody I hope to bring, again a connection, but to help them get to the next level.” Moore expressed how important show choir is to him, “It helped me communicate better because of the speech disorder I have. It helped me branch out to friends. It helped me to find myself . It was a place that I was comfortable at; now I’m the teacher that gets to help the students to discover a place to be comfortable.”

Serenade and Rhapsody’s first competition will be held at Franklin Community High School on February 2nd.

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