Career Resource Center adding specialized trade courses

Recently, the Brown County Resource Center announced the addition of six new classes joining their educational program. One of their main new classes begins within the next few days on January 22 and focuses on receiving a master electricians degree in just a year. The rest of the six new January classes consist of a Certified Nursing Assistant Class, American Sign Language, Anatomy and Physiology, Intro to Excel, and a Your Next Step class.

Your Next Step is a new addition which focuses on what its students want to do next in their life with a focus on what small incremental steps are needed to take to lead them to their goals. The course leader, Mr. Miller, held a free session last year to see how beneficial the class could be to the community as well as determine community interest in the course. Because of the success of the free session, the CRC has now officiated Your Next Step.

For the past few years some of the CRC classes have also been offered through Ivy Tech, which allows Ivy Tech students and high school students to take these courses and get credits right here in Brown county without having to drive all the way to Bloomington or Columbus while still being able to take college level courses.

To better suit the diverse schedules of its students, the CRC offers classes in the morning, afternoon and evening. Unfortunately, not all classes at the CRC are free. Most costs to take a class at the CRC can range from 50 dollars to 200.

Though the CRC holds these classes throughout the year, aspiring students will have to enroll fast, as most classes begin in January and continue for most of the year, without any possibility of joining halfway through.

The CRC classes are not limited to just high school and college students, however. The CRC offers classes to adults of all ages, whether they are looking to get college credit, or they just have an interest in the class. 

The Director of the CRC, Christy Wrightsman, is excited for the arrival of these new classes, “We are always looking to add even more classes…And I think it’s really important that high school students understand that the career resource center is just across the street; that we are the next step to help students now and well into the future.” Christy Wrightsman wanted to highlight, “that the help and support [the students] receive now in school does still continue after, at the Career Resource Center, if they just reach out.”

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