Students make news Year’s resolutions for change

BCHS students plan on bettering themselves through New Year’s Resolutions as they enter 2019.

As a brand new year is ushered in, people all over Brown County have decided to make choices to improve the lives of themselves and others. For many, a new year represents a chronological opportunity for a new beginning. For Junior Nicole Prosch, that new beginning means honing her musical skills.

“It’s crazy to think that I’ll be going to college soon, and I would really like to be as well prepared as possible,” Prosch said, readying herself for her scholarly future.

Senior Madison Bickley’s 2019 plan of self-improvement includes cutting back on red meat and dairy-based milk. Bickley’s choice is fueled by both health-related choices and environmental reasons as well. Bickley said, “it will make me feel healthier,” noting that also, “livestock farming is starting to make a very significant long term impact of the environment because cows release methane, a notable greenhouse gas.” Bickley’s resolutions differ from others as it is, as she puts it, “beneficial on multiple levels,” rather than just a personal level.

When it comes to BCHS’ Kevin Greve, his resolution, “is to work better at keeping in touch with my family.” Despite thinking new year’s resolutions are “goofy”, Mr. Greve has found one he would really like to stick to. “It feels like every Christmas we get together and we are all so out of touch. My goal is for that feeling to not be there at the end of this year.”

For many BCHS students and faculty, 2019 is an opportunity for much needed changes, not just for self-betterment, but for the betterment of the world they live in.


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