Canceled school creates confusion about make-up days

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All Brown County Schools are closed today, Jan. 21, 2019.

That’s the straightforward part. When a school day is canceled on a snow make up day originally designated to make up a previous closing day in November, folks get confused.

In an email to staff, Superintendent Dr. Laura Hammack attempted to clear up any confusion regarding snow days/snow make up days/ e-learning days, saying the confusion was “certainly understandable.”

Superintendent  Dr. Laura Hammack

Some staff and students wondered what happens when a snow make-up day becomes a snow day. In this case, the snow make-up day for the day Brown County Schools canceled November 15 was scheduled to be made up on the school’s first designated snow make up day, Jan. 21, 2019, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday observance. Oddly enough, Winter Storm Harper dumped about six inches of snow and significant icing Saturday and Sunday on South Central Indiana. In addition, sub-zero temperatures predicted for Monday made a two-hour delay ineffective bringing about the necessity of a closure.

Since the board has already designated Jan. 21 as a snow make-up day, the closure occurring on that day is covered, leaving the November 15 snow day still in need of a make up day. President’s Day February 18, 2019, will be the designated day to compensate the schedule for the Nov. 15 cancellation.

Clear? Wait. It gets better.

The new e-learning pilot program stipulates that every third snow day will be eligible for an e-learning day, allowing students to complete work online and avoid the legal necessity to make that day up as well. Dr. Hammack explains, “If we have a third Snow Day, that day will be an eLearning Day. If we have a fourth Snow Day, it will be made up on the next Snow Makeup Day, which is May 28.  If we have a fifth Snow Day, it will be made up on the next Snow Makeup Day, which is May 29.  If we have a sixth Snow Day, it will be an eLearning Day,” and so on.

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