Brown County cancels two consecutive days for extreme temperatures

In an unprecedented move, Brown County Schools Superintendent Dr. Laura Hammack canceled classes for two consecutive days before noon on an active school day, Tuesday Jan. 29 at 10:55 a.m.. Extreme temperatures are the stated reason for the cancellation.

Using text messaging, email phone recordings and an announcement on her Facebook page, Dr. Hammack explained the reasons for the move. “After consultation with a variety of weather authorities and our local emergency management department, Brown County Schools will be closed on January 30 and January 31,” Dr. Hammack wrote on her Facebook page.

As planned, January 30 will be an eLearning Day allowing students to complete assignments online. Students who have no access to the internet will have one week from the return date to complete the work. E-learning days do not have to be made up at the end of the year. January 31 will be made up as a traditional Snow Makeup Day on May 28.

In her announcement Dr. Hammack included a statement by  the Brown County Emergency Management Department which issued a weather statement. “Brown County Emergency Management has a plan in place to open Warming Centers for Wednesday and Thursday should the need arise. If you need or know of anyone that needs a warm place on 1/30 or 1/31, please contact the non-emergency line for Brown County Dispatch at (812) 988-6655. They will have up to date information and are available 24/7,” the statement said.

For additional information about elearning days and cancellation particulars, see Dr. Hammack’s Facebook entry under “Brown County Schools Superintendent.”

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