Holcomb promotes Indiana at “Next Level” in State of State

Gov. Eric Holcomb

Each year, the Governor’s State of the State Address profiles the accomplishments of the previous year’s session and the strides to be made in the coming year. On January 16, Governor Eric Holcomb gave his annual speech before the Indiana Legislature, as well as his fellow Hoosiers, as the speech was aired and streamed live across the state.

In his speech, Governor Holcomb highlighted several accomplishments within the last year, including the increased state tourism, wages, and building permits. While mentioning the successes, the Governor commented how all of this is part of his administration’s plan to “bring Indiana to the Next Level.”

The Governor while excited about his first two years’ accomplishments, also emphasized the increase of student run businesses in the state, which are used to increase the number of trained skilled workers in the state. While also allowing students opportunities for technological jobs right out of high school. Mentioning Perry Central’s Commodore Manufacturing, the Governor thanked Perry’s Superintendent, for her work in helping develop a program as such.

Also while addressing the need of skilled workers in the workplace, the Governor recognized the increase in enrolled inmates in the Department of Corrections programs training them for high wage jobs. Citing last year’s speech, Holcomb stated “I said we’d graduate 1,000 (offenders) by 2020, and we’re already there. A year ahead of schedule.”

Ending his speech with a rally call for continued hard-work and Hoosier Pride, the Governor stated, “Hoosiers across the state and beyond are leading our state into the future… Finding creative ways to make lives better, and in the process taking Indiana to the Next Level. And I’m going to focus on supporting them and steering our great state onward and upward. ”
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