Maple leaf project under roof, progressing well

Climate control systems are hoisted onto the roof at the Maple Leaf Center. Photo by Jim Schultz.

Even though the winter weather has been nasty, work on the new Maple Leaf Performing Arts Center has been continuing at an astounding rate. In recent weeks, the building has been put under a simple roof, allowing for workers to begin on wiring and plumbing for the interior of the building. As part of the wiring process, crews have already begun the work on the sound system, and electricians have begun to bring electricity into the 2,000 seat venue.

The current roof on the building is not the final roof, but is a soundproof barrier that will stand between the open air inside, and the outdoors. Currently the soundproof ceiling is being welded together from above, and the final roof-top will be installed once the welding is complete.

The wood frame of the front entrance to the venue is also currently under construction. The entrance to the venue will house ticket sale booths, as well as a rustic wood beam lobby area that will greet visitors when they first enter the center.

The area directly in front of the stage will consist of three rows of removable chairs, that will allow for either customer seating or an orchestra. Overall, the venue will house 2,000 spectators, with 1,200 on the floor and an additional 800 in the elevated seats.

The Center will have 26 shows a year hosted by Live Nation entertainment, which contracts with major acts such as Taylor Swift, KISS, and Ed Sheeran.

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