BCHS scores a “B” on Annual Performance Report

Brown County High School received a B as its final letter grade on the 2017-2018 school annual accountability/performance report.

     The APR is a report on the performance of schools and school corporations in the area. The report offers multiple categories to show performance and information for comparison between past years performances as well as with other school rankings. The Annual Performance Report is based on the best available data at the time of publications. The department is aware of the unresolved issues from the assessments distributed in the 2018 school year, which will later be altered by the State Board of Education.

The overall school grade is formed after evaluations of many aspects are complete, consisting of performance domains, growth domains, and multiple measures domain. The growth domain for the high school alone was 82.80 points, weighted at .6, leaving the overall weighted points at 60.0. Although, only 28.7 percent of students passed the mathematics performance domain assessment, 95.4 percent  of Brown County High School students participated. The performance domain of the English\ Language Arts assessment increased by nearly half at 49.7. Compared with state averages the student performance of Brown County High School is listed at 28.7 percent passing, just 7.5 percent below state averages for mathematics. The state average for English/Language Arts was 60.2 percent, where the high school is left at 49.7 percent passing.

After domain factors are put into the calculation of the APR grade, other categories of evaluation are put into the data. The graduation rate for 2018 was 97.5 percent. No students dropped out or were retained in the school year, but schools attendance, expulsion, and suspension rates were low. Just 55 students were marked unexcused for more than 10 days, being a 2 percent increase from the previous 2 years. The number of students suspended and expelled increased by 30 students, ending at 88 for 2018.

An A ranking can be easily achieved.  Brown County Schoos have many times in the past, earned an A:  A close percent this year shows the potential BCHS has  for upcoming school years.


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