Eagle Manufacturing set to Catapult Students to a Bright Future

Senior Shelby York sets up a shirt for an engineered decal as part of a contracted job. Photo by Ted Nolat

Eagle Manufacturing is an intra-school business currently functioning inside Brown County High School. The program was founded by BCHS teachers Christopher Townsend and Dean Keefauver, who wanted to give students the real world business experience they need to succeed after high school. “The main thing we wanted to give to the students here is the opportunity to be in a real-world business environment,” says Keefauver. “Employability” was a word that came up many times during all of the interviews, “Employability is a set of various skills that can make a person more valuable to a business or corporation,” Townsend.said.

Tanner Bowman, Production Manager of Eagle Manufacturing and Shelby York, Graphics Designer play very big roles in the program, but they don’t consider it a job. “I love Eagle Manufacturing, it gives you a sense of pride knowing that you’ve been given an opportunity very few students my age will ever receive,” Bowman said .

  York had a different approach to Eagle Manufacturing, “I’m a very shy and soft-spoken person, but Eagle Manufacturing has helped a ton with my communication and people skills,” York. said. Bowman and York not only love the experience they gained but also how this program provides multiple pathways that a student can pursue after high school. “The other purpose of this program is to let students find out if they wanted to pursue in manufacturing, marketing, or whatever other fields Eagle Manufacturing provides,” Mr.Townsend said.

The students, while having so many good comments about Eagle Manufacturing, also had recommendations to people that may be interested in the program. “Every student has the opportunity to do something great in their community,” Mr. Keefauver said. Bowman added, “We could always use more people to help, and it’s a lot of fun, so I encourage people to at least try it.” With the program becoming more popular throughout Brown County, more help will soon be necessary for the program to continue growing.

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