Holcolmb in Nashville to Award $1 million infrastructure grant

Accepting a $1 million dollar check for infrastructure repairs are Commissioner Dave Anderson, Commissioner Diana Biddle, Gov. Eric Holcolm, Highway Superintendent Mike Magner, Commissioner Jerry Pittman, State Senator Eric Koch and David Botoriff, Executive Director of the Indiana Association of Counties

On a normal Friday afternoon, the Salmon room at the County office building is quiet and dark. However, Friday March 29, was a bustling afternoon at the County Office Building, as community leaders from all over Southern Indiana converged on Nashville to receive grants from the Indiana Community Crossings Grant. The grant is funded by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), and is awarded annually to counties and communities that apply for it. Communities that apply can receive up to $1 million, to be used for roads and the repair of road infrastructure.

Brown County has applied for the grant since the program started three years ago. However, only this year has Brown County succeeded in receiving money from the grant.

At the event, Governor Eric Holcomb awarded 15 communities their Community Crossings Grant, commenting “Each year it gets bigger and better, and uber competitive. This year 229 different communities applied. And $115 million were awarded to 189 different communities,” Gov. Holcolm said. The Governor also stated specifically to the Brown County residents in the room, “I use your roads a lot, as you know, as do the millions of tourists a year.”

After giving his speech, the Governor presented the Brown County Commissioners and Highway Department with a check for $1 million.

After Brown County received its check, the Governor continued presenting communities with checks. Most notably, giving the City of Seymour a check for $999,999.99. Seeing the one cent difference of $1 million, the Governor laughed, pulled a penny from his pocket, and handed the $1 million to a representative of Seymour.

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