Davis, Martin win full IU Cox Scholarship

This year Brown County High School was lucky enough to have Seniors Madison Martin and Wolfgang Davis named as recipients of the 2019 Cox Scholarship.

The Cox Scholarship is an opportunity for high school students to have their tuition and room and board paid for at Indiana University.  Students who have worked a job throughout high school, have high test scores, and good grades  can apply for it.  Hundreds of students apply, but only a handful move onto the second round of selections which includes an interview with the Cox Scholarship Committee.

Wolf Davis

Wolf Davis has known about this scholarship for quite some time, his sister Hannah also received the Cox four years ago.  “I meet all the requirements, and I thought that I might as well just try for it.  I got lucky I guess.” said Davis.  The interview lasted about thirty

minutes, with Wolf saying that “there was about nine interviewers there, so it was kind of intimidating.  For about thirty minutes they just interviewed you about why you deserve the scholarship and what you’ve been through.”

Madison Martin

The other Senior, Madison Martin, found out about the Cox through BCHS teacher Alecia Adams and former faculty member Alice Mannix, who though that this scholarship was a great opportunity for her since she was especially well qualified to receive it.  “When I was 16 I took it upon myself to get my CNA license…so I have a college education and two jobs while going to high school as well as being in the top ten of my class.” said Martin.  “It’s an

 amazing opportunity that I don’t have to worry about that debt and I an focus on my academics while I’m [at IU].”


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