Illegal dumping problem persists in Brown County

Although the natural hills of Brown County provide much beauty, there is some scenery on the hills, that aren’t so natural. For years Brown County has had a problem with illegal trash dumping and littering.

One of the main dumpsites in the county, is on Green Road. Located in the North-Eastern part of the county, the Green Road dump site is a vacant valley off the west side of the road. The dump site, which has been in the process of being cleaned for the last several years, has been the dumping sites of tires, refrigerators, big screen tube televisions, deep freezers, couches, and much more.

Brown County has a local Solid Waste and Recycling Department, which hosts several “reclamation” days a year, where locals on specified Saturdays can bring old tires/electronics to be recycled on. However, despite these attempts to reduce the dumping within the county; there are still many vandals who prefer to dump on vacant land.

Other methods of preventing the dumping, is including cleaning up the garbage and searching for names and addresses on mail or other objects left behind. Several organizations are volunteering their time and resources to do this, such as employees from Knights Trash and the Solid Waste Department.

If you volunteer to clean up dumped garbage, and find a document with a name or address on it, please take a picture of the site before you begin cleaning, and take a picture of the document in the location you found it, then notify local Law Enforcement.

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