Long-anticipated Music Center opens to public

After two years, $12.5 million, countless volunteer man hours, and many heated/tense situations, the Brown County Music Center has opened its doors to the public! The 2,017 seat music venue was first unveiled at a community conversation in the summer of 2017, as a means of replacing the void left by the fire at the Little Nashville Opry that burned in 2009. 

In July of 2018, ground was broken at a property that was bought for more than $2 million, located adjacent to the YMCA, and behind the Nashville Police Department, near Salt Creek Plaza.

The doors to the venue were officially opened to the public for viewing on Thursday, August 15th, at a ribbon cutting ceremony. Speakers included Executive Director Dana Beth-Evans, Audience and Guest Services Manager Andrea Swift-Hanlon, and the Maple Leaf Board of Directors Co-Presidents Barry Herring and Kevin Ault. Herring

owns the Brown County Inn, and Ault owns The Seasons Lodge and Hotel Nashville.

  “Look what we did,” said during a speech . “

At the meeting proposal at the Playhouse, I said, look what we can do. At the ribbon cutting, I said, look what we’re doing. Now, look what we did.”

The Ribbon Cutting event after leadership speeches, featured the Not Too Bad Bluegrass Band. The band is that of the Music Center’s architect, Doud Harden. Harden started designing the building, shortly after the fire of the Opry, realizing that there would be a need for a replacement venue.

The Music Center in preparation for its grand opening show, (featuring Vince Gill on Saturday August 24,) is having two soft openings. The first took place Saturday August 18, and the second Wednesday August 21. Both shows were sold out. 

The purpose of the shows, are to give volunteers an opportunity to become accustomed to their positions, and learn the processes needed for when real concertgoers start frequenting the venue.

The Grand Opening show featuring Vince Gill, sold out within 15 minutes of tickets going on sale, and is expected to bring concertgoers from over 40 states.

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