Students family opens Zoo’opolis petting zoo

By Addison Volbrecht

Patrons at Zoolpolis Petting Zoo in Bellmont interact with Niko the zebra.

A student from the high school goes to the  Zoo’opolis often helping run the business, by feeding the animals and cleaning out some of the animals’ stalls. This student doesn’t live there but goes to help their parents to help out with the animals.

Christian Hamm and her parents are running this business outside of Columbus at 5718 State Road 46 West, Nashville, IN 47448  tickets range from the price of $15.00 for a beginner and $35.00 for advanced. With the beginner’s package, you would be able to interact and feed some of the exotic and more common farm animals. The advanced package you will be able to see 35 of the animals kept at Zoo’opolis. For more, there’s the Animal Ambassador training program it $65 you will be able to interact freely with all of the animals including some of the more dangerous animals.

Though she words there, Hamm doesn’t exactly like some of the animals such as the donkey that can sometimes be very aggressive.


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