Last Marching Band Competition

Brown County High School Marching Band had their last fall concert October 5, 2019 at Springs Valley Festival Competition in Southern Indiana.

The Marching Band prepares for the competition as they arrived at school 5-6 hours before the they have to play, and they arrived at the competition there at midday.

The last competition the Marching Band did not place, but the other competitions they got a consistent 3rd place in their section. Matt Finley says “at the last competition was there strongest performance ever”.

The pieces that they played were Temptation by Nacio Herbs Brown, Fire Dance by David Shafter, and El Fuego De La Tierra by Holman Alvarez. Paige Moore says that, “They was all crying by the end because they do not want the season to be over, because they are going to lose a lot of seniors.” She also said that, “the last competition was the closest ever”.

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