2020 Indiana General Assembly Comes to Session

The 2020 Indiana Legislative Session started out with a bang on January 7, with several controversial bills and issues being presented for argument, even including the debate of legal recreational marijuana.

First off on the roster in the Senate, is Senate Bill 1. The bill presents raising the smoking age and legal age to purchase and possess tobacco products to 21. The bill’s purpose is to coincide with the new national law that was recently passed and signed by the President.

Also in conjunction with the Senate Bill, is House Bill 1124, disallowing the sale of flavored tobacco products. The bill’s purpose is to help outlaw the sale of fruity tobacco and vaping products, that have been linked to respiratory and lung problems in consumers.

One bill in particular that targets youth, especially those in Brown County that love to use recreational vehicles and the like, is House Bill 1174. The bill proposes that all people aged younger than 18 must wear a helmet while riding a recreational vehicle, or different modes of transportation; such as skateboards, roller skates, bikes, etc.

Breaking new bounds in HB 1036, is the legalization of possessing up to 30 grams of marijuana. With the legalization of pot in Michigan this past year, as well as in Illinois, and medicinal in Ohio, it is believed that Indiana’s policing may soon be redacted if the bill passes this session and is signed by the Governor.

All bills and their actions are available for preview on

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