Governor gives fourth State of the State Address

Every year the Governor is required by state law to give a speech to a Joint Session of the Indiana General Assembly, concerning the current state of the State of Indiana.

This year Governor Eric Holcomb gave his fourth State of the State Address, the last of his current term. The Governor is up for re-election to a second term this year, announcing his candidacy for re-election last July.

Opening his speech directed to all Hoosiers, Governor Eric Holcomb first introduced his address with, “My fellow Hoosiers, we’ve become known as “A State that Works.” I want Indiana to become known as a “State that Works for All.” Where every citizen- no matter their background or age or who they love or whether they grew up here or arrived last week- has equal access and opportunity to go as far as they wish and are willing to work to get there.”

The Governor in his speech highlighted many milestones for the Hoosier state, from birth rate mortality to the amount of forest land within the state.

Governor Holcomb has taken the lead on new state programs, such as a new prison work release program. Allowing inmates to be released early on good behavior, and be trained in a special high demand field of work, and are then employed right from their release. 

Spearheading the charge on reducing the infant mortality rate in Indiana, since Holcomb first debuted his intentions; the birth rate mortality has dropped six times what it was previously, in the last year.

In his speech, Holcomb also touched on the increased forest and timberland within the State, commenting that we have four times the amount of timber than we did 100 years ago. Also in the news as of late, several hundred acres of forest in the Hoosier National Forest have been placed into a wildlife sanctuary, which will protect it from any logging or manmade changes.

Emphasizing the importance of life in his speech, Holcomb asked the legislature to pass a bill criminalizing talking on the phone while driving. Citing the statistic that teenage drivers are three times more likely to wreck when they are on their phones. The bill would still allow phone calls via hands free bluetooth technology.

The transcript of Holcomb’s speech can be read here:

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