First case of Covid-19 identified in Brown Co.

     The Center for Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University posts a Global map of the locations of Coronavirus cases. Today a small dot glows red on Brown County in Indiana.

Dr. Norman Oestrike, Brown County Health Dept. official.

Brown County Health Department officials announced March 23 that one Brown County resident had tested positive for (Covid-19) more commonly known as coronavirus. Dr. Norman Oestrike, BCHD officer said in a press release that the health department is working to determine other individuals with whom the patient may have come in recent contact. Dr. Oestrike also encouraged county residents to be smart about hygiene and contact with others to make the best of the county’s facilities and ability to fight the infection.

“We need to conserve our resources like manpower, our personal protective equipment, our ventilators, etc.,” Dr. Oestrike said. “Be smart and make good decisions. Stay home if you’re sick. Working together and helping us out will get us through this.”

Adding insult to this news was the recent flood that damaged Brown County’s new Brown County Health and Wellness Center at Eagle Park closing it for repairs when water leaked into the basement. When emergency clean up services arrived, they found mold had formed leading to the facility’s closing. The facility is expected to reopen. In an email alert from Superintendent Dr. Laura Hammack broke the bad news.

“The restoration company is able to remedy the mold situation; however until that is completed, the Brown County Health and Wellness Center will be closed.,” Dr. Hammack said.  “I do not have an exact timeline for completion, but we expect to get a better idea today (3/25).”

Dr. Hammack reported that the clinic’s staff will be working from its Edinburgh clinic and can provide telemedicine appointments or patients are welcome to go to that clinic if they need an in-person appointment. The clinic is located at 220 N Pleasant St
Edinburgh. Call  (812) 645-1892 for information.




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