Brown County Schools have safe response to COVID-19

When COVID-19 came to the United States in the early months of  2020, everyone in the country was affected. Many were quarantined while businesses were forced to shut down and schools were forced to go online.

 Brown County Schools’ last day was on March 13th. The community was confused and uncertain about what was next for Brown County Schools. 145 days later, on August 5th, Brown County Schools opened back up to students. That morning, around 500 students walked into the high school. Students had to adjust quickly to the new normal. 

Due to the state’s mask mandate, all students must wear a mask without any exceptions. To fix the hallway traffic situation, a line has been placed in the middle of the hallway. This line divides the halls and makes it a little bit easier to maintain a safe social distance. Another big change in the high school is seating charts. Each classroom must have a seating chart to keep students away from each other as well as making contact tracing much easier for the staff and administration. 

For sports, there have been many changes. Some scrimmages, as well as some games, have been postponed or even canceled due to the pandemic. Limited attendance to football games will be enforced, and there will also be a seating chart on the traveling bus to track contact.

Knowing that these are times that are unprecedented, the school is preparing a plan for students who do not have internet access at their homes. A grant has been given to all Brown County Schools for $50,000. Verizon 5G hotspots will be given to students without internet access to be able to complete remote learning activities and assignments if Brown County Schools have to resort to remote learning.  

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