Brown County Students for Equity hosts Community Art Build

To kick off  the year, Brown County Students for Equity is hosting an Art Build for all students attending Brown County High School. Students can submit artwork they best feel represents the idea of “equity and inclusion.” This includes physical artwork such as paintings, drawings, poems, or writings, or digital artwork. All physical artwork will be displayed on the Students for Equity bulletin board across the hall from the high school’s library and all digital artwork will be posted on the Students for Equity Instagram page (@bc_studentsforequity).

“We  (Students for Equity) wanted to get the year started on the right foot as well as get our name out there,” Students for Equity Communications Director Abby Padgett said. “Not only will the Art Build bring awareness to our organization, but displaying the art in the hallway will bring awareness to how crucial equity and inclusion are within our community.”

Students for Equity is a student-led organization based in Nashville, IN. According to their Instagram page, Students for Equity “works for promise equity and inclusion in Brown County, regardless of race, gender, sexual identity, religion, nationality, able-bodiedness, or socio-economic class.”

Founded only last January by BCHS junior and Students for Equity chair, Marie Fields, Students for Equity started off productively but had to stop in-person meetings due to COVID-19. “We met virtually throughout most of the quarantine and all throughout the summer to plan for the upcoming school year. We have quite a bit in store, and I’m super excited to see the impact we make,” Jascyn Martin, Students for Equity vice-chair said.

Wylah Brahaum, the secretary for Students for Equity, believes that the overall message of the Art Build should not be forgotten. “Art and community go hand and hand,” Brahaum commented, “…and we are trying to cultivate an inviting and inclusive community here at BCHS.”

All physical artwork should be submitted to Mrs. Andi Rogers- Bartels in the art room and all digital artwork should be sent to the Students for Equity Instagram page or emailed to Marie Fields at

The deadline for the Art Build is August 31.p

DM @bc_studentsforequity or email for further questions.

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