Area schools also dealing with daily COVID-19 protocols

Daily temperature checks are a part of BCHS protocols for a COVID-19 world. Mr Mark Bruner checks a students temperature on the front steps..

Indian Creek High School caught their first case of COVID-19 since their football coach tested positive for Covid-19 in July. Indian Creek High School opened up August 5 and had its first case August 24. The student in question is going to be quarantined until September 2 and any kids who spent more than 15 minutes with him/her need to be quarantined for the same amount of time. Indian Creek High School lasted 19 days without catching it. Indian Creek High School lies within Johnson County which has 26 cases at 16 schools in the county. Brown County High School has not caught any cases in a span of 17 days although, they’ve had several people quarantine.

“ I am not allowed to give a specific number of people who are quarantined,”  Brown County’s School’s Corporation Nurse Holly Gordan said. Schools aren’t allowed to give out the number of cases or the names of people infected according to HIPAA, the federal privacy law. HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Nashville, Indiana has 1,110 residents and Brown County has 662 students. North Kansas High School has 1,499 students and Superintendent Dan Clemons has stated that he doesn’t want to reveal that information especially because of how small the school is.

As for Indiana as a whole,  555 public high schools and 2 schools have already shut down again after re-opening. Elwood Junior-Senior closed down after just two days because of kids and the staff testing positive for Covid-19. Joe Brown the Superintendent of the schools refuses to tell the number of kids and staff members who tested positive for Covid-19. Lanesville Junior-Senior High School has had four students test positive for COVID-19

They temporarily went online for a few days and have already returned to in-school.

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