Students choose to work at home for many reasons

Sophomore Mekhi Asiokye works from home to protect family members form potential COVID-19.

Students of Brown County High School are choosing rather to stay home instead of coming to school due to the Coronavirus. Principal Matthew Stark says the purpose of staying home was concern of health risk for someone who is medically fragile at home.

For most students, the first day back was about choosing outfits and getting the nicest backpack while others just had to make sure that they had a charged Chromebook for that first zoom meeting. Sophomore Mekhi Asikoye has made the decision to stay home he said, “because my grandparents have health problems and they’re at high risk.” It  also helps him focus more on completing his classes since he only coming tp school for sports. Though Asikoye has enjoyed working from home, he misses time with his friends. “It’s been nice but I sometimes miss going into school and seeing everyone,” Asikoye  said, “but it’s for the best.”

Some students stayed home and did not have to give the school a specific reason for doing so. Mr.Stark says,”We’re trusting that people will do it for those reasons.” He also has the feeling that people it’s possible that some are not doing it for medical reasons and because of this challenging time and everybody is in a different place with this.”

Some have started to complain that they don’t think students and teachers should have to wear masks. By looking at other schools that have made the decision to not wear masks there have been outbreaks which will send everyone back to remote,  “So we’re trying to base everything we can as far as the school goes on science, “Mr.Stark said.

The one requirement that came with staying at home was that students had to have access or needed to have solid internet because the schools do not have packets and will not be doing packets. Students are not being forced to return to the class but there is the option to move back into going to in class, there have been more students moving back into to school then there has been students moving back into remote learning. Superintendent Dr. Laura Hammack said,” I am so glad that we able to offer an option because clearly with everything going on we have a lot of  families that are very, very nervous about a return to school.”






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