COVID-19 policy affects football players, spectators , band

Junior percussionist Tristan Shields has to mask up along with the band when he plays at football games under new COVID-19 restrictions. Photo by Ted Nolat.

While the new policies can sometimes be difficult to manage, people understand that they are in place to keep BCHS and the community safe.

Official statement read from the press box at home games.

Every sport has different rules concerning COVID-19. As an example, for football, a limit of only 40 football players of each team can dress at each game.  Seating and spectators numbers are capped at 50 percent capacity. Game balls will be cleaned at halftime, and  no sports/faculty passes will be sold this year to ensure accurate capacity. “All spectators, fans, coaches, workers, etc. will be required to wear a face mask at all times while attending the event,” Superintendent, Dr. Laura Hammack said. Persons are prohibited from using school property if you have any symptom of illness that could be related to COVID-19. Though football players cannot socially distance they are not required to wear a face mask while participating in the game. Players must wear masks, however, on the sidelines.


The band has different rules while performing at the football games. Musicians who play wind instruments are under recommendation to wear special masks while performing to make music safer. These masks are adapted to allow the playing of the instrument without sacrificing coverage for the rest of your face. “The masks do present a certain challenge. Some of the students have adapted quickly, others struggle with the feel of them in some cases,” Band Director, Matt Finley said. 



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