Fleetwood smashes school record at Ceraland Invitational

Sophomore Abby Fleetwood comes out of the woods on the backstretch at Eagle Park. Fleetwood recently set a new school record of 18:47. photo by Ted Nolat

Just 18 minutes and 47 seconds. That’s how long it took for Abby Fleetwood to break the Brown County girls 5k school record. On September 5, Abby Fleetwood placed third at the Columbus Ceraland Invitational Cross Country meet. The girls cross country team placed fourth overall, out of 13 teams, with a point total of 98, and an average team time of 20:46. Fleetwood had an

Sophomore Abby Fleetwood runs down the final stretch at Eagle Park. Photo by David Wood, Brown County Democrat.

average pace of 6:03, per mile.

This incredible feat is astonishing when considering the endurance a person must have to do this. To achieve the kind of record someone needs, practice and the right mindset, which Fleetwood had both going into the meet. This allowed her to achieve her all time personal; record and smash the school record. In fourth place, Hadley Gradolf finished only 54 seconds behind her and aided the team by being close to Abby as cross is a team sport and not an individual sport. Coach Abe praised all the girls after the meet saying how they all did very well, in terms of pace and distance from each other. Abby even earned the “Eagle of the Week” awarded from Coach Abe and Coach Wrightsman the following Tuesday. Coach Abe said during that day of practice, “It’s quite obvious who this is going to be, I mean, she PRed by a whole flipping minute.” 

With this achievement under Fleetwood’s belt, BCHS Cross Country looks forward to what she will accomplish in the upcoming Eagle Classic. It is possible that she beats her own PR two weeks in a row. Abby is a clear example of practice makes perfect as the cross members started training as early as the first week of June. Fleetwood ‘s whole season is still in front of her. 




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