Teacher PLC Grant designed to help improve lessons, methods

PLC Master Teacher Hannah Newlin breaks from working on programming in room 318. Photo by Ted Nolat

A corporation grant will fund a special program to help teachers improve through new evaluation methods.

PLC Master Teacher Mr. Kevin Greve said the PLC grant comes from a group called the NIET  (National Institute for Excellence of Teaching). This organization awarded BCS the grant to use a different teacher evaluation tool called  the Teacher Apprenticeship Program or TAP.  That grant has also created the opportunity for teacher leadership roles as part of the program. Most of the teachers were current Brown County Schools teachers.

“For example, I am a master teacher and so is Mrs. (Hannah)  Newlin,” Mr. Greve said.  “We also have four mentor teachers Mrs. (Emily) Lewellen Mr. (Jay) Myers, Mrs (Lauren) Spiece, and Mr (Dean) Keefauver . Essentially our role is to work with our teachers and help them with their own professional growth”

Mr. Greve noted that the process is primarily designed to help teachers improve. “Right now we’re working with understanding the teacher evaluation process and then we are just kind of in and out of their classrooms helping them see anything that we can help with that they would like help on.”

The PLC grant program will be around for a while.  “The grant (lasts) five years but you know the process and the practices should go beyond it,” Mr. Greve said.

Superintendent Dr. Laura Hammack said that the PLC-grant represents a major commitment to teaching excellence. “It is big grant its the $5.5 million that Brown County Schools received in order to fund a program. The national institute for teaching and wrote a grant called the PLC grant and it is funding a model for teacher student improvement and PLC’s are that a part of that model.”

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