Teachers and admin say so far so good on the trimester schedule

This school year Brown County Schools are doing something different than semesters. Dr. Laura Hammack said, “Brown County Schools have studied other school districts who use trimesters. The point is to give teachers and students more time in class with less transition time between classes during the school day. Brown County High School Principal Mr.Mattew Stark and a team of BCHS teachers took a field trip to study other schools with the model and ultimately the recommendation to the school board and me to  make it happen for the school year 2020-2021”.

“Some challenges are that we are planning for longer periods,” Mr. Christopher Driver said. “Some benefits are having fewer periods in a day. Mr.Driver likes that classes are not as rushed in trimesters and teachers have more time to teach each class. Longer planning periods are also a plus, Mr. Driver Said.

Matt Noriega said  He does not care what Brown County Schools does about trimesters or semesters. He says that schedules to him are like students since he has no favorites they are all the same to him. 

“Trimesters for students (mean) fewer classes and more time to focus in class. Teachers have fewer classes to teach and more time to focus on what they are trying to get done.,” Mr. Stark Said. “C4 student (get) more classes to take before they would have to leave for C4.

Some of the challenges of the trimester schedule have to with scheduling. Scheduling for five classes for three trimesters instead of eight classes a semester b(including SRT) is still a challenge because all the bugs have not been worked out. Essentially Mr Stark said, “Trimesters are not better (than Semesters) just different.

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