Rise of “Among Us” seems unstoppable among gamers

In the past two weeks, the video game Among Us, has exploded in popularity between casual and hardcore gamers alike. The free-to-play mobile game (five-dollar Steam game) has captured the attention of YouTube content creators and Twitch streamers alike. Why is that? After all the game is two years old, releasing June 15, 2018. Why now? What is this that unites casuals and hardcoresgame even about? 

Among Us, is a murder mystery, space-themed game. Players have the option of playing from 4-10 players, and if  no players are available locally, gamers can always play in public lobbies. There are two roles, Imposter and Crewmate. Crewmate’s objective is to complete tasks around the ship and to identify the imposter.

Tasks within the game can

Imposter catches a crewmate off gurd in the game “Among Us” by Intersloth.

be as simple as taking out the trash or matching colored wires. They must also prove their innocence to their fellow crewmates, so they are not voted off, and cast into space. The Imposters’ role is to convince everyone around them that they are innocent. In the meantime, they can sabotage the ship by shutting off the lights limiting the view of crewmates. They can also start a “crisis” which are events that need to be dealt with immediately. The imposter must kill off their fellow crewmates until they are the last on standing. Friends would meet on platforms such as Discord, and mute themselves as the round plays out, so they don’t reveal the imposter(s) as the round plays out. 

However, with all great things, they all have their rough edges.  Among Us’  biggest problems at the moment is their servers. Since this game blew up out of nowhere, the large player count is having a strain on the servers, sometimes making it hard for friends to join each other. Other than that, it runs smoothly. 

Among Us has done something that few games can do, create a balance between both spectrum of gamers. Quick bite size rounds make it interesting to play on the go, or on a computer at home. Among Us has made new moments between friends, and it looks like, it is here to stay for the time being.


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